Plumbing Supplies in Stanislaus County, CA

Plumbing projects demand quality products—using shoddy materials could result in problems down the line. At Yancey Home Center, we ensure you have access to a full range of plumbing products and supplies, so your next plumbing project goes off without a hitch. From your kitchen to your bathroom to your basement and beyond, wherever your next plumbing project is, we’ve got you covered.

Fittings and Piping

The cornerstones of plumbing are fittings and piping, both of which you’ll find at Yancey Home Center. We have an extensive selection of pipes and fittings to meet any plumbing demand you have. Whether you’re installing new piping, retrofitting old plumbing, replacing a cracked pipe or dealing with a leaky junction, you’ll have access to the quality materials you need at our plumbing supply store in Stanislaus County, CA.


At the user end of plumbing, there’s nothing so important as a functional fixture. Whether it’s a faucet and knobs, a shower handle or a toilet, being able to rely on the functionality of a quality fixture is imperative. We stock a full range of fixture styles and options, from some of the industry’s best brands. We’ll help you achieve the aesthetic you need in your kitchen or bathroom, while ensuring your plumbing works perfectly behind the scenes.


Plumbing appliances are also integral to your home and your everyday life. Washing machines, fridges and hot water heaters are all cornerstones of your plumbing. No other home improvement store in Stanislaus County, CA has these items in such a wide selection as Yancey Home Center. Our team is ready to listen to your needs, to help point you in the direction of an ideal appliance.

From waterproofing materials to new plumbing construction, appliances and fixtures to unique plumbing tools and beyond, we aim to be the all-in-one resource for plumbing contractors and DIY plumbers alike. Stop by today to see what we have in stock or to consult with one of our professionals. Or, if you’re looking for something in particular, give us a call today at 209-862-2855.